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February 3rd, 2019: Weekly News Appearance

January 9th, 2019: In Cryptocurrency Predictions 2019: Coinspice x

November 26th, 2018: Interview with C. Edward Kelso on

November 23rd, 2018: In-depth interview on Juan Galt Crypto TV, talking about Bitcoin Cash Wars

July 25th, 2018: This Week in Bitcoin: Lightning Network Review with Andreas Brekken (Part 1)

May 25th, 2018: This Week in Bitcoin E201: Double Spends, Brave Banks, Retroactive Regulations

Media mentions

July 10th, 2019: Block Size Debate Rehashed: Incentives to Run a Full Node Versus a Low Fee Market

January 12th, 2019: Sideshift App Demonstrates a Trade Between Lightning Network BTC and Tether

December 31st, 2018: Andreas quoted on algorithmic stablecoins on News

November 10th, 2018: Andreas gives thoughts on CashShuffle being integrated in Electron Cash wallet

October 25th, 2018: Drivechain project sees an influx of development since launch

October 12th, 2018: Paul Sztorc mentions Andreas' project, SideShift, on WhalePool

October 9th, 2018: Andreas Brekken may have put it best

July 31st, 2018: Andreas Brekken takes on Lightning Network, finds routing errors, wallet bugs

July 16th, 2018: Owner Andreas Brekken Controls 49 Percent of Bitcoin Lightning Node Network

July 15th, 2018: Число Lightning-каналов в сети биткоина превысило 9000

July 14th, 2018: One Guy Controls the Lightning Network’s Biggest Node

July 14th, 2018: One Single Node Owned By Andreas Brekken Occupies 49% Of The Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Node Network

July 14th, 2018: 49% of the Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network is occupied by one node

April 9th, 2018: Bitcoin Cash Tip Bots Are Making Rounds Across Social Media

February 19th 2018: The pitchforks were out this week for Andreas Brekken due to IOTA review

December 27th 2017: Cryptocurrency expert Andreas Brekken interacts with CanYa

December 20th 2017: CanYa acquires majority in Bountysource; adds over 40,000 users

March 23rd 2017: Someone Put the Tiananmen Square ‘Tank Man’ Image in the Bitcoin Blockchain to Troll China (That someone was me)

Blog posts

December 18th, 2014: Ledger Wallet, the €29.00 hardware Bitcoin wallet

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