Thoughts on Arthur Hayes’ post, "For the War"

Most days of the week, I post a message on internal Slack with a brief update on our business and the general crypto market/scene.

Here’s what I included about Arthur Hayes’ September 7th blog post, “For the War,” published here.

Arthur Hayes published a new blog post, For the War, that I highly recommend. For most of us, the worst thing we’ve experienced with money is losing or having our bank cards not work while traveling or higher-than-usual inflation depressing our spending power.

As Hayes shows, this is because we’ve all grown up in times of relative peace. There is a tradition of the State confiscating/diluting the cash/property/savings/stocks/gold/etc. of its citizens that stretches back hundreds of years in every country on every continent. We can expect this tradition to continue. It’s the original rug pull.

This is the first time in history that you can keep your assets safe when things go wrong. Like the Internet lets you communicate freely, Bitcoin and crypto lets you store and transmit value freely.

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